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Have you ever thought that stress and bad habits make you sick? But there’s a very simple and cheap solution!Everyday we have to run from a place to the other, sometimes eating a sandwich on a bus or in underground so we can spare some time.

Tree Village 1

In a recent article of 4actionsport, we could read that in Japan a new style of life, called Shinrin-yoku, that translated means “make a bath in the forest”, could help us to reduce our stress, just staying in contact with the nature for one day .
Moreover, a recently research of Chiba’s University, proved that walking and breath in a forest will reduce the concentration of cortisol, the pulse of our hearth and the arterial pressure of our body. Furthermore staying in contact with nature will rise more of 50% the production of NK cells -the ones that are responsible to identify and eliminate virus, bacteria and cancer cells. An analog research of the Finnish Forest Research Institute provided after some experiments the same results!


So the best to do it, it’s for sure to go in the forest and live in contact with the nature.

treehotel_the mirrorcube 5

You can sleep on a tree in a Tree-village for instance in a natural park of Dolomiti, in Italy, visit one of the most famous Tree-hotel in the world in Sweden, have a dinner on the Yellow-Tree restaurant in New Zeland or have your “personal Amok Equipment treehouse” always with you!

You can find a lot of options in my blog, and if you need some information, just contact me!


Pic by Renzo GravaTreehotelYellow tree house and Amok Equipment


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