The Treehotel

The “treehotel was inspired by Swedish indie director Jonas Selberg Augustsén’s 2008 eco-documentary Trädälskaren (the Tree Lover), which followed a group of friends who break free from their mundane jobs and take to the woods, building their own tree house home”. Nowness 

In the forest area of Harads (Sweden) six tree-rooms for a total of 15 rooms have been planned and designed by some of the best Scandinavian architects. More tree-rooms will be completed in 2012, at the moment people can sleep in one of the five tree-rooms and enjoy the tree-sauna for twelve people.

All the tree buildings are on centuries-old pines forest, suspended at 4-6 meters form the ground. Every tree-room is different from the other, not only for its form but also for its furniture, which is designed ad hoc. And finally, one of the most important things, is that every building is constructed in respect of nature, eco friendly and to have the minimal impact on nature.


A video that explains the tree hotel

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