The Cabin at the Treehotel

The first tree-room of the Treehotel in Sweden that we want to introduce is The Cabin.

This building has designed by the Swedish architects Cyrén & Cyrén, you can reach it with a footbridge among the trees, and at the front of the bridge is a large wooden deck.

The shape of the deck was designed around the space between the trees and the tree-room is suspended from the deck so that this appears smaller and hidden, but also to give more importance at the tree-room. The design remind a container with rounded corners and appears foreign among the trees and it was prefabricated and then brought to its location.

As we told in the introduction the capsule is on a centuries-old pine, it’s 24 m2 and accommodates two people. A staircase from the deck leads down in the room, where people can find a double bedroom, a bathroom and a chill out zone with big windows from which people can see the Lule River valley.

For further information:

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Neliw Attig

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