They said that an apple at day keep the doctor a way, and that living in contact with nature and in the forest is optimal for our body ( I wrote about it in an old article, read more about it, here). For this reason I think that the Swedish architect Anders Berensson had a genial idea for his client!

designboom 4

Since the architect had to design a treehouse on a dead apple tree, he decided to give the treehouse a form of an apple. Inside the house is very simple but with a good quality design. A bench, a bookcase and a periscope inside of the twig to spy the neighborhood is the whole forniture.

designboom 1

The structure is built out of two big plywood sheets and then like a puzzle all the other elements are connected one with the other and then clad with polycarbonate to create a transparent and resistant structure.

More pics in the gallery below.

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