Château de Canon Treehouse

Do you want to sleep to the highest treehouse of Europe?


The “Nid d’Aigle” has the record of being the highest treehouse of France and Europe with 22 meters high!

It has been built in a 250 years old Oriental plane tree. To reach the top, people can use a wooden staircase and cross ropes bridges.

But there’s more! This is just one of the five treehouses that can accommodate people in the middle of the park where people can enjoy the surrounding nature!

The other treehouses similar to the first are the “Cascade” at 16 meters from the ground, the “Ilot” at 12 meters from the ground, the “Laizon” and finally the last one, “La Cabanne Tonneau” just at 4 meters from the ground, where also kids can stay and play safely! In this last one people can reach it just using wooden stairs.


You have just to book a ticket to Normandy and your night in one of these treehouses at the Château de Canon’s website!

More pics in the gallery below.

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