Building with earth Treehouse

From a treehouse to a treehouse-village?

This is the purpose of Building with earth, a greek organization that started this project with the goal of doing “low budget dome houses for immigrants”.

Building with earth pic 6
This is what Kostas, one of the promoter of this project wrote me about it.
The tree house was build during a five day workshop in Pavliani, in an altitude of 1200m above sea. It is standing on a tall fir 12 meters above the ground level. It is a geodesic sphere with a diameter of 4,5 meters and weights a ton. It can accommodate four people. During the workshop we finished the sphere and the internal layout. Now we will cover the upper half part with glass and plywood and the lower half with canvas. It will be insulated with sheep’s wool.
Building with earth pic 5
We decided to build a tree house because it is absolutely the most beautiful thing you can build in this place. Actually we are planning to build a whole village with those houses there. They will be used for rending. The idea of the sphere occurred after a proposal we made in UN for low budget dome houses for immigrants. This is not our first tree house. We have build another one with recycled materials and a cost of 300 euro

Building with earth pic 1

I found it an interesting idea and I cant wait to see the whole village! A sort of beehive treehouses, where people live and collaborate everyday. A special and not common geodeic form that it’s perfectly integrated in the tree! I love it!
Good luck guys I wait your updates!

For further info: Building with earth
More pictures in the gallery below.

PIcs by Building with earth

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