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One of the best answer that my ears could hear is: “Treehouses make me happy!” 

I had the opportunity to send some questions to Kevin, the owner of The Mohicans, he started with one Treehouse, now they are five and he’s thinking to have more!

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One of these treehouses –The Little red Treehouse– has been built by Pete Nelson during the Treehouse Masters show, and many of you also asked me what people should do to have a treehouse signed by him, so I asked him and the answer is:
It is easy to get on the show, if you have a lot of money, contact Treehouse Point and tell them you have a lot of money and they will be knocking on your door tomorrow“. So,,,no money, no Treehouse by Pete Nelson, all the stars fly away when they see the first cents growing! There’s more, when the team of Treehouse Masters left, the treehouse was complete just outside, no water, no toilet, shower, sink, electricity, septic system, …

Kevin had different inspiration building his treehouses, like “the fourth treehouse is called Moonlight, named by my son Quinn. I got idea for a treehouse from a friend of mine from junior high. He saw what Mike Garnier at Out n About was doing. A lot of our treehouse stays are because of our wedding center. They are also very romantic. We have a lot of people get engaged in our treehouses. We just started building our fifth treehouse. It has a bridge that is 30 feet off the ground and over 100 feet long, four to five times longer than our other bridges. All of our treehouses have bridges except the White Oak. When we built it, no one understood what a treehouse was, hence, no one stayed (rented) it. Knowing it was going to be difficult to rent, I was not sure if we would build a second treehouse, therefore I was compelled to build it ADA (Accessible design) which precluded me from using a bridge. It (White Oak) was built off the side of a hill which enables us to wheel a ADA individual into it. There are 2 front and 2 back doors that make it easy for a wheel chair. The fourth treehouse interior is 98% reuse. All of the interior walls are 100-year-old barn siding. The windows are from Habitat for Humanity (reuse store). I would like to build 10 more treehouse”. Moreover “all of our treehouses have a bedroom (all but one sleep 4 or more), bathroom, shower, kitchen, hot plate, fridge, etc.”.

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I guess that people who live/work in a place lie these, always in contact with people they are always stores to tell. I asked him if something strange or particular happened, he told me that: “it is not unusual for someone to bring their baby to our place and tell us the baby was conceived in one of our treehouses”. 

A place where people can be surrounded by nature, even if at the beginning someone he’s disappointed, but at the end of their journey they will be happier and they will have learnt something new!
What I love about our place is people have to get in touch with nature. Our goal is that people touch the earth weather it is rubbing a tree or grabbing some dirt. We have no WiFi, cable or internet. People frequently tell us how pissed their kids are when they arrive and find no amenities and by the end of their stay the guests book will read “thank you, this weekend was the first time or family has talked eye to eye in years” People come together at our place. 75 wooded acres with a 1/2 acre pond. We have a drama free environment”.

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I really want to thank Kevin for his time and for his kindness, I really, really hope one day to fly to Ohio and live even if for one night in one of these treehouses!
I had to smile when I read this sentence, and I completely agree with him!

Treehouse make me happy. I love sharing the experience. If you do not feel revitalized after staying at our place, you better seed medical help ASAP“.

If you want to visit these amazing treehouses and know Kevin, take a look at the Mohicans’website and book your place, you will not regret it!

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Mohicans.

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