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Are you ready for summer?

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A lot of people are used to go to the hotel, or the ones who want to stay in contact with the nature they take their tent or roulotte or caravan or whatever and they go to a camping.

Today I want to suggest you a very interesting solution for your holiday to stay in contact with the nature at 1000% and of course on a tree!
No, it’s not a real treehouse, it’s something different, something temporary. You can move and have your adventure on different trees, all over the world!

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This year I was to ISPO in Munich and I met these kind and friendly guys who presented their product, all the people were fascinated about it and wanted to try it!
They are a group of Norwegian engineers and entrepreneurs who love nature and stay in contact with nature and studied a product ad hoc for all the people who love this life style!

The AMOK is not a simple amok, you can fix it on the trees and use it to sleep or just lay relaxing and looking at the surrounding nature or you can also use it like a sort of rocking chair tasting a beer or a tea and chatting with your friends on the amok closed to you.
And of course you can use it also in winter!

The place that take is the one of a small backpack/sleeping bag of circa 1.50-2 Kg. For more info and to order your Amok for your holiday, check the Amok equipment’s website, or write an email to You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram!

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Amok Equipment

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics and Videos by Darren Hamlin Photography and Amok Equipment. All rights are reserved.

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