Suspended between the trees

The summer is coming and are you wondering what to do or where to go?
I have an idea for you!

The sun is shining and the hot weather is coming, well not in Zurich, but I hope that somewhere else is it so -please send me a picture so I’ll have a sun ray shining also here, in Zurich! Anyway, if your question is: “Where I can spend my holidays surrounded by nature and at the same very close to the trees?”

The answer is: Have you ever thought about a tent  that you can hang on a tree ad have your personal treehouse always with you?
The are different solutions with different design and prices.

amok equipment 7

You can choose between the Amok Equipment, a tent big like a sleep-bag that you can tae where ever you want, or the TreeTensile, or in the Drop Tree Tent or the Tent Hammock.


But today I want you to introduce a new product, made in Italy by Eldar Lab an Italian startup.

Atomo, this is the name of their project, reflects the philosophy of their inventors: “It had to be something that could link engineering with something that could live in direct contact with nature”.

atomo 2

The wooden floor gives the structure to the base of the tent with a surface of 4.30 m2, and since the maximum payload is 400 Kg, can easily host four people.
Moreover, thanx to the ropes is it possible to hang Atomo on the trees and take it off without damaging the trees.
The “facade” is made of waterproof Oxford-textile and can be produce with different colors, whereas the main structure is made of aluminum.


Another project for two people is at the moment in planning, let’s see how it will look like!

Pics and info about Atomo from The next Tech-Startup Italia.


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