JP and a treehouse

I love the idea that a lot of people love the treehouses and share their own with me.

treehouse jp veracruz

But what is more exciting is when a friend of mine send me a picture writing me: “Fui a Veracruz y me quede a dormir en un árbol!!! (I was in Veracruz and I slept on a tree!!!)”

With this words my friend JP sent me this picture last week of his journey in Veracruz (Mexico), he had the opportunity to sleep in a cool treehouse! I’m so happy for him!!!!

He told me that he was climbing with a guy and he’s the owner of this treehouse. Usually he rents this treehouse for the people who wants to have a new experience instead of a normal 2

He made it by himself using recycled material and wood. What I find exciting is that this guy made the wall of the treehouse using a blanket to reinforce the concrete. Thanx to this unusually technique he could shape the walls and give an organic form to the treehouse.

How to reach the treehouse? Thanx to a small and thin bamboo’s ladder!

Thax to JP for all the infos and for sharing your experience with me!



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