The Treehouse Map

Last week I wrote about the Treehouse Therapy, well better to say about the Forest Therapy.

treehouse map pic

I was suggesting you to visit a treehouse and stay in the forest for a day or a weekend or even more if you have time.
Today I want you to introduce a really lovely project that I found “The Treehouse Map“!
I contacted the owner of this website, Kristina and Nicolas, and they explained me how this idea came out:
Treehouse Map (and the related Facebook page Dream Treehouses) is a project that we founded a few years ago. We are fascinated by treehouses and especially those featuring innovative architecture. They make us dream and we hope that with Treehouse Map we can help people to evade from their daily lives by imagining themselves in one of these treehouses or even going there and staying at a treehouse hotel themselves“.

A very important tool where you can easily find the treehouse of your dreams. You have just to look at the map, check where you are or where you want to travel, click on the treehouse and there you’ll  the link to the website of the treehouse to book it!

Moreover, if you have a treehouse to rent and you want to have on this map, contact Kristina and Nicolas!

Don’t worry, if you in a year you lost this website from your computer’s chronology, you’ll always find it in the friends section of my blog!

A big thanks to Kristina and Nicolas for their time who spent with me and for this wonderful tool who decided to share with every treehouse-lovers!

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