Keemala Treehouses

Are you planning to travel to Phuket in Thailand?
I suggest you to visit the Keemala resort. You can find different solutions to sleep in a paradise and two of them are on a tree!

You can choose for the Tree Pool House, it’s a sort of nest built around the truck. The design reminds me the Yellow-Tree restaurant in New Zeland!
Every house in this resort reflects the main characteristics of the people, clans, who live in Keemala.
The design of the Tree Pool House reflects the attributes of the “We-Ha Clan (Sky Clan). They were a group who were believed to have had advanced understanding of the universe. They built their homes elevated from the ground in order to obtain better creativity and liberty. The clan included the talents of healers, creators, architects, and inventors”. Keemala

tree pool house pic
The other option for you is The Bird’s Nest Pool Villas, with a sea view, and a pool from which you can relax looking at the sea and the forest!
The design of this Treevilla so peculiar and innovative, where the facade reminds the texture of the Thonet’s chairs, give to this treehouse style and elegance using typical materials. The clan who inspired the design of this building, is the “Rung-Nok Clan (Nest Clan), who enjoyed an opulent way of life and craved exclusivity. The clan was thought to be more superior in both intellect and creativity, and comprised of artists, actors, musicians, astrologers, philosophers, and poets. They believed that the future could be predicted from astrology. They would bathe under the moonlight believing that their souls would be replenished”. Keemala

nest pool villas pic

For further information: Keemala

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