Yellow tree house restaurant

In New Zealand, close to Auckland sits the Yellow Tree House, a restaurant projected by Pacific Enviroment Architects.

This beautiful restaurant was the result of a big marketing campaign by Yellow Pages.
On a centuries-old redwood tree with a trunk of 1,70m of diameter, you can reach the “cocoon” (that contains the restaurant) through a pedestrian bridge long 60m walking between the forest -the trees are used as structure for the walkway-.
The “cocoon” is made of glulam, that is not only important for the structure but also create effect of lights and shadows, creating a real skin to the architecture. The restaurant has 18 seats and a coffee area. The “cocoons” have been planned that can be removed from one tree to the other and also to other areas. Architects got the effect and the integration of this particular treehouse with nature.


A video that explains the tree house

For further information:
Yellow tree house

More pics in the gallery below.

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