Temple of the Blue Moon

Treehouse Point is an intimate alternative for individuals and groups who seek comfort and style in friendly and natural surroundings. All accommodations are well designed and artfully decorated, with touches like handmade beds, original art and charming vintage furnishings”. Treehouse Point

This charming treetop cottage is designed by Pete Nelson and built by Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington.

Nelson created this sustainable tree house as an educational getaway that provides visitors to connect with nature. The plans for the Temple of the Blue Moon were inspired by the Parthenon in Athens, Greece: a structure applying vertical lines and symmetry to create a balanced sense within the space. The temple of the Blue Moon is built on a 300 years old, 160 feet tall Sitka spruce, in the middle of a forest. The tree is the mainly structure of the house and another tree close to this give is support and a terrace lean to it. People can reach the tree house with a suspended walkway bridge of wood like in the castles of fairytales.

Inside, everything is made of wood and in a perfect chalet style, you can see the nature all around from the big windows and moreover the sky from skylights. The furniture too is very special: cedar beds, leather reading chairs and handmade quilts.

This is the perfect place to run away from the chaos of the city!

For further information:
Pete Nelson
Treehouse Point

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by: Treehouse Point and Jeffrey King

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