Villa dei Vescovi and the Treehouses

The perfect place for a beautiful event on a warm sunny day !

villa dei vescovi 1
Last weekend I travelled from Zürich to Padua for the event: Treehouses. Abitare sull’albero. I got at Luvigliano and Villa dei Vescovi was shining under the sun showing all its beauty. I was completely astonished by the architecture of this Villa: so simple but at the same time so aristocratic and still in a perfect condition thanks to FAI.

The exhibition has been set up on the second floor in the piano nobile. Two tables in the main room desplay the drawings and the models of the treehouses drawn by the children of the elementary school G. C. Moschini who took part of a workshop held by the artistic group ‘How we Dwell’. On another table there is a laptop where it is possible to read my blog, Hometreehome. In the next rooms, there is a photographic and illustration gallery of treehouses.

villa dei vescovi 5

At 11.30 the official opening took place with the inaugural address of Silvia Ferri, Villa dei Vescovi manager. She introduced the Director of IED, Igor Zanti, and the designers/curators of the exhibition Chiara Caroli and Elena Sartorello.
After the award ceremony of the best three treehouses drawn by the children, which will be the start point of the treehouse that will be realize in Villa dei Vescovi, the journalist Antonio Gregolin held his conference ” I rami che sono in noi: simbologia arborea tra mito e realtà”. A talk about trees, how important are for us and for the world, and how the trees have interpreted in art, in religion and society, how everyone is always attracted to climb  trees, and how a tree is architecture but also style.

villa dei vescovi 12

Personally I found the conference very interesting, but maybe this could be a first conference, where the tree, the main structure and protagonist of the treehouse, is introduced and then other conference about the treehouses. What are they? Why all the people are so fascinated by them? Which is the story of the treehouses?

After the conference I could speak for a while with Nicolò, his treehouse’s model has been considered the best one and he told me that there’ll be his treehouse and another part planned by a friend of him. And there’ll be a ramp or maybe a slide to reach the treehouse.

villa dei vescovi 14
Nicolò’s Treehouse

Thanx to FAI and IED for the invitation and for the sensibility about the subject of the treehouses.
Soon more updates about the exhibition and other events. stay tuned!

More pics in the gallery below.

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