Treehouse or not Treehouse?

Sometimes the appearance can be deceiving.
luciano pia treehouse 1
The italian Architect Luciano Pia, was called to plan a residential building to complete a block in the city of Turin (Italy). He planned a building, where “the structure is in steel and it looks like a forest where trees are rooted in terraces with irregular shapes, ponds are crossed by footings and lush gardens cover the roofs. The building has been thought as a living forest, a house on the trees like the houses children dream of and sometimes build”. Luciano Pia
He also explains that it’s “a special building because it is alive: it grows up, it breaths and it changes since 150 trees with tall trunks cover its terraces. Together with 50 trees planted in the court garden they produce oxygen, absorb carbonic anhydride, cut down air pollution, protect from noise, follow the natural cycle of Seasons, grow up day after day and create a perfect microclimate inside the building so diminuishing the fall and rise in temperature in summertime and wintertime.
luciano pia treehouse 2
The streeps in solid wood that floor the terraces filter the sunlight in summer, while in winter they let the light break into the house. The wainscot in larch shingles is a sort of soft and vibrant surface. The metal structures look like trees and they “grow” from the groundfloor to the roof while holding up the wooden planking of the terraces: they become entwined with the vegetation to form a unique façade”. Luciano Pia
luciano pia treehouse 3
25 Green, this is the name of this project, is an important building for an industrial city like Turin, a building that is energetic efficient, and a sort of big treehouse in a metropolitan city.

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