Treehouses. Abitare sull’albero

Don’t lose the event about Treehouses in Italy!


From 8th to 29th of March 2015 in Villa dei Vescovi, Luvigliano di Torreglia (Padua, Italy), it will be possible to assist at the exhibition Treehouses. Abitare sull’albero, conceived and organised by Chiara Caroli and Elena Sartorello, students of the Master IED Business Administration for Arts and Cultural Events of Venice, a.a. 2014, with the patronage of IED and in collaboration with FAI, which Villa dei Vescovi belongs to.
An event about the Treehouses, a dream for all the people who love this topic!

The exhibition will offer:
– “L’Albero del Vescovo”: drawings and maquettes from the workshop organised by the collective of artists ‘How we Dwell’ at G. C. Moschini elementary school of Padua;
illustrations realized by the following artists: Maria Cecilia Azzali, Margherita Barrera, Paola Cocchetto, Nina Cuneo, Massimo Favaro, Anna Forlati, Alessandra Lazzarin, Nicolò Maniero, Daniele Melarancio, Eleonora Pace, Michele Rocchetti, Jacopo Schiavo, Marco Somà, Marco Trevisan;
photographic gallery about treehouses architecture.

Moreover the 8th of March there’ll be some opening special events:
– 11.30 the conference : “I rami che sono in noi: simbologia arborea tra mito e realtà” held by the journalist Antonio Gregolin, unlucky it will be in italian;
– 15.30 reading performance from “The Baron in the Trees by the actors Alessandro Esposito, Marco Mavaracchio and Fabio Strazzer;
– during the all day a workshop for children will take place.

from Wednesday to Saturday
Adults 8.50€
Children 3€
Free Admission for FAI members and Torreglia’s residents
Special price Family (2 adults and 2 children) 20€

Adults 10.50€
Children 3€
FAI members and Torreglia’s residents 2€
Special price Family (2 adults and 2 children) 24€

villa dei vescovi

For further information and to reach the exhibition:
Villa dei Vescovi
Via dei Vescovi 4
35038 Luvigliano di Torreglia, Padua, Italy
Tel. +39 049 9930473

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