Treehouse Cà Severina

Why do you have a blog about Treehouses? And why do you love so much them?

These are the most typical questions that people ask me in the interviews or when they meet me.
All started when I was a child and me, my sister and my two cousins were used to spend most of our summer on the mountains with our grandparents. Here we were completely free to build, play and do a lot of stuff that usually you can’t do in the city. My mom always remind us that every Saturday they had to buy us new nails because we used all during the week to build.
Anyway, one summer our grandad told us that we could have a treehouse on a centenary fig that was in the yard. With the help of our dads they built a simple treehouse, it was just a platform that we could reach climbing on the tree or using the stairs. Our treehouse became immediately our shelter where we ate, read, played, discussed, ..everything was there, on our treehouse, and no adults were welcome!
Since that time the passion of the treehouses is inside of me!

Treehouse Severina
In the picture you can see my first treehouse, where my cousin and my sister were having fun! Tnx to my sister who found out this photo!

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