Save this tree-special-house!!!

A secular Oak, that seems a house with a real entrance is now in danger and needs your help!!!!

This secular downy oak which has a regal appearance (the branches seems to crown the massive trunk) is characterized by a “entry door” height more than 1 meter. It is called “La Cacatora” (a colorful term meaning the act of the bowel movement). This name seems to be derived either by its abundant production of acorns which seems to respect no seasonal cycle or by the fact that the hollow of the trunk (devoided of the ceiling) was used as a restroom.

La Cacatora, Basanello, Provincia di l’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italia at Roverella/Downey Oak (Quercus pubescens)
Trunk girth: 6.45m (measured at 1.3m)

Foliage diameter: 21m
Height: 16m

We want to defend our landscape!!!!

It’s very simple what you have to do, send an email to these addresses -below a typical email in italian-:

le scrivo la presente per la salvaguardia della Quercia Secolare e Monumentale “La Cacatora” sita a Basanello.
Come libero cittadino italiano chiedo un’azione immediata da parte delle autorità competenti per la preservazione di questo Monumento Naturale.

Comune: (consigliere comunale)

Abruzzo Ambiente:

Contact form: Assessorato Pianificazione, tutela e valorizzazione del territorio e Protezione civile

ARTA – Agenzia Regionale per la Tutela dell’Ambiente

Corpo Forestale dello Stato:

Here the official website of the cause and more information about this project:

So….Invite your Facebook friends to join this cause! And share the cause on your facebook profile!!!

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