The Steampunk tree house

An Oakland based large-scale installation project made by Sean Orlando and the Five Ton Crane Arts Group in Milton, Delaware at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery headquarters. The artists wanted to explore the relationship between people and the rapidly changing natural world.

The installation wants to represent the mutual relationship between people and nature, and how humans live in harmony with the planet and its natural elements. The house is made of recycled wood and steel in a Victorian age style and creating a house of mystery that is both familiar and alien, a sort of Edward Scissorhands’s tree house.

From the trunk, the artists made the structural of steel pipe, where a tire swing hangs from one of the branches and a metal condor perches in another branch, while recycled gears, gauges, pipe and others recycled objects adorn the tree house.

People can enjoy the structure climbing the inside part of the trunk, while from the windows and terraces can achieve the view on the whole area.

The Tree House may indeed remind people of a simpler, more innocent time. It may serve as a reminder of childhood, and as an example of how humans might live in harmony with the unnatural nature of nature. However, the tree is also meant to inspire critical thought on the part of its dwellers. Because of the combination of man-made materials —recycled metal and wood— the Tree’s very makeup is meant to regenerate the contemplative faculty, encouraging its inhabitants to reconsider the often-paradoxical relationship between humans, as well as with our environment”. Engineered Artworks

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Steampunk tree house 

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