Beach Rock tree house

Do you need to go away from the city and take refuge in a wonderland???
“Money, brains, power. A society that values only these things really frightens me,” writes Kobayashi. “There’s more out there. I think treehouses can express that.”

In Okinawa, Japan, there’s a place called Beach Rock village where you can eat, have relax, sleep or enjoy trekking with horses or close to the waterfall.

In this place Kobayashi Takashi  built a tree house in 2005 with the express purpose of communicating with the space outside. You can reach the house by a wood ladder and at halfway of your climbing you can stop on a terrace and have a view on the nature.

This strange tree house is covered with mirror plexiglas that reflects the nature and the colors outside, so every time will change color and atmosphere and the same house it’ll be always different! As Pete Nelson wrote: “A sparkling beacon among treetops, it is easy to imagine the dome succeeding at its mission to make contract with alien life”.


A funny-amateur video about this tree house

For further information
Beach Rock Village 


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