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At Hometreehome I have always tried to not only review treehouses but give space to the entire world of treehouses. From those who draw them in an artistic way to those who create a cake in the shape of a tree house, to those who create gadgets and those who instead of a childhood dream of having a house suspended from the ground has its own work!

What I would like to do now is to make a sort of new column for all those who have a dream in the drawer -whether to have one or to build one- and who have designed their ideal house.
How from an embryonic drawing you can then create something real.
As an architect, every time I sketch a hypothetical building, I already have a pretty good idea inside my head of the type of materials I want to use or how I would like the finished product to look. It’s something that takes shape in a natural way inside my head and that the pencil makes concrete by putting it on paper.

Have you ever designed your own house?
Send it to the editorial staff of hometreehome to see it published and share your dream with all lovers of treehousees!

Email: info@hometreehome.it

The pic is a drawing I did for my cousins’ treehouse but it’s still on the paper,,I hope that one day it will be on a tree!


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