The Glazed Perch

Sometimes you just need some fantasy and creativity to achieve the best results!

Usually architects are always up-to-date in the latest building that the archistars or the most famous architects of the period have built, a bit like what happens in the music scene.
As far as I’m concerned, I always prefer to look for ideas only when my creativity doesn’t work, or when I need to understand how others have developed or solved a certain detail, so as to be completely detached and not influenced by the ideas of others. I think that’s how the best ideas come out!

Exactly as it happens in this project of O2 Treehouse. Although the shape is based on a project by Baumraum, the idea of using 500 plates and moreover colored instead of tiles, makes the project unique and completely distinguishable from others.

Described by the designers themselves as an owl’s nest, the Glazed Perch (Occidental, California, USA), is built between two towering redwoods that serve as pillars.
The dark colors used for the exterior -redwood and patinated steel- contrast with the light color of the wood used for the interior, which is therefore comfortable and warm.
The rounded shape also creates a welcoming effect for the inhabitants of the house.

Pics by O2 Treehouse. All rights reserved.

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