Stone City Treehouse

Surrounded by trees and unspoiled nature, the Stone City Treehouse in Vermont (USA) is definitely a coveted destination for those looking to recharge their batteries!

A house completely made of untreated wood that with its amber color creates a warm and cozy atmosphere even on the coldest days.

Note the contrast between the closed entrance facade and the inner part that opens to the forest to talk to the surrounding nature.
Externally, the facades are covered with wooden shingles of neutral color except for some randomly arranged that have been colored in a dark green.

The same color has been used for the window frames that are imposed on the facade itself making the whole a bit “grob” (rough) as they say in German, thus creating a lack of balance in the hierarchy of the facade. Balance and serenity that is found inside.

Pics and video by Stone City Treehouse. All rights reserved.

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