Wanderlust & Treehouses

One night I was at home, zapping on the tv looking for some interesting movie. I saw the name “Wanderlust”, in German means something like “Desire of migration” of go away, in this case was to leave the routine life of a big city of Manhattan to escape in an easy way of life, and I was fascinated by the name. The characters find their shelter in a hippies-community, where everything is opposite to Manhattan. No wooden buildings instead of concrete ones, no stress, surrounded by nature everywhere, no dress code, …


And of course in this funny movie is full of different treehouses!
I invite you to look at this movie, I tried to make some frames, unlucky the quality is very bad. Most of them are just platform on trees, but one of them is a sort of nest, where all the branches are woven like a basket, and this reminds me The Bird’s Nest of the Treehotel!


Well, enjoy the movie and have fun!
More pics in the gallery below.


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