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When I decided the name of my blog I had the idea from HomeSweetHome, and I decied that Tree was perfect for the treehouses, then one day I was looking for some books about treehouses, and I discovered this old book by Pete Nelson that has the same name of my blog and I decided that I had to have!


In this book Pete Nelosn gives all the Principles of the treehouses construction, it’s a sort of Bible of the treehouses, with different drawings that explain how to knot the ropes, how to fix the structures at the trees, how to build the windows or the door and of course the platform.

He gives also advice about which trees are the best to support a treehouses, what the people should look at when the treehouse is already built and what to do before of building it.

A manual that I suggest to everyone who loves treehouses, who wants to build one by his/herself, or simple is curious to know how they work.
Unlucky I found this just in english. Maybe one day, they will translate it in different languages.
At the moment you can find it in Amazon and it was edited by Penguin Book.

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