Tyler Arboretum Treehouses

Two brothers – Minshall and Jacob Painter-, the passion for nature and flowers and plants who decided to begin a private collection of dried plants, rocks and so on…Now it’s a non-profit organization that preserve, develop and share diverse horticultural historic and natural site resources in order to stimulate stewardship and an understanding of our living world. It’s based in Pennsylvania and the name of this magical place is Tyler Arboretum!

Here you can find different activities for children, adults and whatever. Moreover in the garden you can find many different treehouses that you can climb, play and explore!

Storybook Houses
“The first tree house you will see is just down the path from our Visitor Center. This tree house features three small cottages built on an 8-foot-tall raised deck nestled among the giant hemlock trunks. Originally built in 2008 by the students from the Williamson School of Free Trades”. Tyler Arboretum


Imagination Station
“Walk through the tunnel of the Imagination Station and enjoy a wonderful view into the surrounding woodlands. Grown-ups are invited to take a break in the amphitheatre style benches as the kids don costumes from our costume box and enjoy putting on a show or playing make-believe. This special retreat was created by Allan A. Myers, Inc. and Pocopson Industries in 2008”. Tyler Arboretum


Tulip Tree House
“Constructed in 2014, Tyler’s newest tree house was inspired by the natural beauty of a Tulip Poplar Tree. Shaped like a Tulip leaf with curved walls and a swishing roof, the Tulip Tree House is complete with a fireplace, chimney and kitchen. The house’s entry point is a bridge built into a neighboring embankment, making the Tulip Tree House ADA-compliant and one of the most accessible tree houses within the Arboretum. This house was designed by Villanova University’s Theater Production Manager Parris Bradley and was expertly built by Michael Rhile of Rhile Construction, located right here in Media, PA. The Tulip Tree House is a fun hideaway for kids and a nostalgic memento for adults”. Tyler Arboretum

And finally maybe the most modern treehouse in the park:
tyler arboretum treehouse pic
pic by John DiLello

To know more about this park, take a look at Tyler Arboretum website.

Pics by Tyler Arboretum


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