Tree Sparrow House

Are you wondering which one is the most requested treehouse?tree sparrow house pic1

According to Airbnb, the Tree Sparrow House in Cornwall is the most requested one in the wish list of Airbnb.

The tiny treehouse will offer a one bedroom place split on two floors with all the comfort and an amazing view on the countryside.
The owner, a retired landscape designer and contractor declares in an email to Business Insider’s website: “For me, my earliest childhood memories are about building dens, followed by the magical story of Swiss Family Robinson. From that moment on I wanted to build a tree house, it seems to me that I have always wanted to live in a tree house and spend magical moments in one.” Business Insider

tree sparrow house pic8

The treehouse can be reach by a wooden staircase from a magical garden, to increase the idea of being in a fairytale.
The colors of the treehouse are natural colors that permit to integrate the treehouse with the tree and with the garden making it part of the landscape.
Inside the atmosphere is very familiar and comfortable. Even if the place is very small you can find everything you need. And on the second floor you have your alcove with a small window where you can see the surrounded landscape even when you are resting!

tree sparrow house pic7

If you want to try to sleep in this treehouse, check the calendar and reserve your night!
For further info: Tree Sparrow House

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Airbnb

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