Treetop Lovetag

The treehouse Løvtag designed by the architect Sigurd Larsen is now reality!!!!

As you , for sure, already read in the previous post Lovtag Treehotel, the architect Sigurd Larsen is designing nine treehouses in a coniferous forest on a small hilltop in Als Oddevej near Mariager (Denmark).

The first one os now completed! “A minimalist star-shaped beauty that floats several metres above the ground, and literally wraps around an old pine. ‘The tree growing through the house is the highlight,’ says Larsen. ‘We left it free to sway in the wind since the weight of the cabins rest on steel pillars. It’s very meditative to sit in the bed and watch it move slowly in the wind.’”

I can’t wait to see the other eight!

Pics by Lovtag Treehotel. All rights reserved

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