Lovtag Treehotel

A new Treehotel is growing up in the north of Europe…

After the big success of the Treehotel in Sweden, always in Scandinavia is growing up another Treehotel.

Løvtag is expected to open its doors this year. Situated near Mariager Fjord in Denmark, has been designed by the architect Sigurd Larsen. With the typical minimal and clean style of the nordic architecture, the architect designed the treehouse creating different spaces using a square form in the plan that develops in a cube in the volume.

I have just a doubt, and maybe the architect will read this and can answer me. Why the decision to isolate the sofa and not the bedroom? I mean, usually living room and kitchen can be together and the bedroom is separated… is there a better view from the sofa’s window?

If the architect will not answer at this question, I guess that the only way is waiting until the Løvtag treehotel is finished and go there for one night and understand the decision of Mr. Larsen.

Pics by Løvtag. All rights reserved.

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