Treehouse Workshops

Do you want to take part at a treehosue workshop? 

In Autumn two workshop in the USA will take place:

Treehouse World will organize a two days workshop, 21-22 September 2019, at West Chester in Pennsylvania (USA), more info at: Treehouse Building Workshop

Out’n About Treehouse will organize the World Treehouse Conference the 4-5-6 th October 2019 with a pre-conference the 3rd. The gathering is an expansion of the World Treehouse Association (WTA) and the Global Treehouse Symposium (GTS) which began in 1997 at the same resort: Out’n About Treeresort in Takilma, Oregon (USA). More info at: World Treehouse Conference.

Hopefully very soon we will have something similar also in Europe! 😉

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