Sunrise Day Camp Treehouse

Many people in the whole world are fighting big battles every day and maybe a treehouse can help them on this!

Treehouses as usual are seen just for children, but as you have seen many treehouses have been built for adults. Why? I guess there’s a feeling of nostalgia of the childhood, but also because people when they are in contact with the nature, they feel better, save and completely free.
Many people need more power to fight and many kids who are sick need a safety place to play and relax and going out from the hospital routines!

Pete Nelson was invited to build a treehouse for a summe camp for children with cancer in New York. “A grove of sturdy white oaks supports the elliptical, gazebo-like structure. Pete and the crew installed 13 heavy limb TABs and a series of steel bracket systems to create the strongest platform possible. A wheelchair-accessible ramp winds gently to the treehouse, which is filled with games, built-in benches, and modular tables for arts and crafts. Pete also used the area beneath the platform for extra play space, adding lots of cushions and hanging chairs”. Pete Nelson Treehouse

We all know the benefits that someone have to walk/stay in the forest, imagine, how big they are for people who have a sickness!
I wish that more projects like these could appear in the world and many treehouses retreat can be build, and many more people can be healthy again and soon!
Recently a friend of mine won one of this big battles…When she was fighting she had a purpose and this helped her, (watch her video and help her for her project: Fraintesa’s project), so maybe -hopefully- also to have the opportunity to spend time in a treehouse like this could be a purpose and help someone!

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