Toms treehouse

This is the story of Tereasa, a woman who lives in Beardstown – Illinois, and built a big and beautiful treehouse helped by some friends as a memorial of her dad!

Hello!!! What’s your name and where are you from?
Tereasa Surratt, Beardstown Illinois

Why did you build a treehouse?
As a memorial for my dad

2 yrs ago

Elkhorn IL

Where do you live?
Chicago IL

Which is the function?
For friends and family

How many, if there are, rooms have the treehouse?
2 Sleeping lofts
1 Main interior level
First level is outdoor dining

What kind oh tree is it?
Elm, but it’s dead.

Who built the treehouse?
Shaun Agase
Tyler Peterson
Steven Teichelman
Bladdon Conner

Which materials did you use to build your treehouse?
Primarily salvage

Has it been painted?
Only exterior- white

What is the highness from the ground?
16 ft from interior floor level to inside peak

What did you use to reach it?
Stairs and ladders

Size of the treehouse-more or less-?
Not sure

Is there any electrical or water system inside?

Thank you Tereasa for spending your time answering to my questions, enjoy your treehouse!

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by: David Hernandez, Jacob Hand


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