The treehouse of an artist

It seems a place for a big child, where the artist Chemi Rosado can have fun and enjoy his art and creativity.

Chemi Rosado Seijo is an artist, born in Puerto Rico, whose practice weaves social commentary and humor. His work juxtaposes architecture and the urban landscape, work and social action, and art and its history.

In his home-studio, in the garden, between a hammock and a skate-ramp he has a treehouse. Unlikely we haven’t good pics about it. If you find something, please send us, so we can update this post!!! Anyway is a simple platform with some pillars and, above it, just some pieces of his art with graffiti.

Below some pics about Chemi Rosado art, above all about skate and street art.

Pics by Pablo Leon De La Barra

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