The Yoki Treehouse

The Yoki Treehouse is situated in Austin, Teas, at more or less 7 meters from the ground and sits between aged cypresses.

Designed by the American architects Artistree Home -maybe you remember a previous project Playa Viva Treehouse in Mexico- this treehouse is a luxury one with a separate bathhouse connected by a suspension bridge.

The name—Yoki—is the Hopi Native American word for ‘rain’ and, like it’s name, Yoki Treehouse is dedicated to the precious rain that feeds the region’s springs and aquifers. The theme of water is reflected through the retreat’s location, its minimalist design, and the luxurious Onsen-style soaking tub. The breath-taking living space uses local and sustainable materials such as elm, cypress, and spruce“. Artistree Home

Pics by Artistree Home. All rights reserved.

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