La Bottega di Franco

Would you like to enjoy some of the best food in the world on a tree? Now you can!!!
Thanx to another masterpiece of Sullalbero!!!

La Bottega di Franco, situated in Bologna (Italy) ha been built by Sullalbero -a well-known Italian company in the sector. A terrace in a secluded and discreet place in which immerse oneself and enjoy the chef’s delicacies, such as tortellini or tagliatelle with ragu’. The structure consists of a laminated wood beams and Engadine larch wood treated only with natural finishes according to the dictates of bio architecture and in full respect of the preservation of the trees and the safety of guests.

The white color of the tables, ceiling and railing contrasting with the floor and trees give a sense of elegance and calm to best accommodate guests, who can concentrate on enjoying this experience 3.6 meter above the ground.

Are you already reserving you dinner? I will -for sure- as soon as I’ll be in Emilia again!

Pics by La Cucina Italiana. All rights reserved.

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