The Rainforest Treehouse

I would really like to live, maybe for a while, but like these people!

The everyday routine and the stress of our jobs, the people around us who will always run from a corner to the others of the city, who haven’t time to talk one with the other because they have to answer to emails, sms and whatever…

Sometimes is it good just to leave the things gone, sometimes I like, especially in holiday, to leave my mobile at home and enjoy what is surrounding me, leaving the moment, the real one, not the virtual world.


Like in the Rainforest Treehouse’s video in Kulai Malaysia the song says: “everyone can come, you got everything you need, everything for free”!

I love the smile of these people, they are happy, they help each other and they share their knowledge leaving together in this treehouse surrounded by the nature! And I think that this song is perfect for this video!


I suggest you to take less than 4 minutes to enjoy this video and dream like me to be there!

Video by Ashley Mathews

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