Foresta Treehouses

The winners of FORESTA -the Open Call Competition for the Treehouses for the 5 Artists of the International Performing Arts Festival at Terni- are…

A jury of experts had to choose the 5 winners between 86 projects from all over the world.
The 5 winners are:


equalogical lab
Through geometry and the spherical shape, the concept represents and interprets the complexity of nature and its relationship with the human being and art. The structure is planned to be totally respectful for the trees, as the anchoring is fixed to the soil without hurting the tree and its roots. Both the house and the modalities of construction are made of natural and recycled materials, with self-supporting systems, which can be dismantled and recycled. The technology is easy and very cheap; the various construction moments are distinguished by iterative gestures, which permit to involve not only adults but also the youngers, such as teenagers or kids.


(New Zeland)

jacob dench
The concept is based on Ottavia, a spider web City, with a cliff between two steep mountains, where the City is the nothingness, tightened to the peaks with two ropes, chains and boardwalks. It is only possible to walk on boardwalks or hemp ropes. The net is useful as passage and support while everything else is hung underneath: ladders, hammocks, bag-shaped houses, coat racks, terraces, chandeliers, in a suspended life which is less uncertain than other cities. The house itself reminds of a liveable system inserted in a spider web structure.



falegnameria fasa
The tree house is almost of a spherical shape. It’s an irregular prism made of one unique triangle repeated to close the entire structure. The choice of this shape gathers from the will of gaining and organism made of small standard parts that, put all together, create a rigid and light structure. A wooden attic is extended on a side to create the supporting structure of the tree house.



picano poggiani
TheThe concept reminds of a nest and it is made of a simple covering of tightened ropes around the trees branches with a simple method, without using nails or glue, which will permit to create an intimate environment. A real nest, which comes to life from the log and develops till a safe height for those living in it. For a better balance some elements will be supported by wooden elements.



The concept reminds, as a firefly, a luminous spot in the nature’s obscurity, which beetle armour is visible only in the daylight, through the branches. So, this house, which appears solid during the day with its visible structural components, during the nights it becomes only light, a reference point in the darkness of the nature. The construction system is really easy, a knot, a self-supporting structure, where the tree doesn’t represent any structural function, even if stranded with it.

Special mentions for:

Barbora Srpkova - Menzione speciale
Innovative concept and ironical proposal, ‘’The Tree Houses’’ proposed an upside-down tree house.


Fofo Kalf - menzione speciale
Modular tree house proposal: fusion of functionality and art.

I can’t wait to see how they will realize these treehouses! Ad you? Stay tuned for the updates!

Pics by FORESTA Terni Festival. All rights reserved

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