The Origin Treehouse

A hotel room that wraps around the trunk of a century-old oak, in France.

This is the project of the French office Atelier LAVIT, a real interesting project. Even if I have to admit that the first time that I saw this project, it reminds me immediately at the 4 tree house project! I don’t know if the project signed by Luskaz Kos, was taken as an inspiration from the architects of Atelier LAVIT, but for sure the two treehouses are quite similar!

The use of the horizontal layers of wood as cladding that creates an atmosphere of a lantern during the night.
Inside the use of a light colour wood, probably white pine gives you the feeling of relax,  peace and warm. It makes you feel at home. Everything inside is well designed and even is it’s a minimal and Scandinavian style, you can have every comfort that you need.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics and video by Atelier LAVIT


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