4 tree house

Designed by Luskaz Kos, this tree house is suspended 20 feet above the floor in Lake Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

This building is like a big Japanese lantern in the forest. The house was constructed around four trees and what Kos tried to do was to minimize the impact of the house in the trees. The structure is very easy: the two-ton lattice-frame -410 square foot tree house- was suspended with steel cables and the tree house is anchored to the tree trunks with only a puncture hole in each of the four trunks; the result is a delicate balance between the walls and the trees weightlessly in midair.
At the base of the tree, a staircase rolls on casters upon two stone stabs, to allow people to enter and exit regardless of how much the tree house ma be swaying or rocking in the wind.
The walls are made of solid plywood walls punctuated by a floor of red PVC, that has to protect the inside part of the house. At top a suspended patio with a ceiling of sky to fuse completely with nature.

 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWdFRyUIlhk]
A video that explains the tree house

More pics in the gallery below.

 Pics by Inhabitat


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