Save this Treehouse!

I just read this petition, please help the family of Jack to save their treehouse!

petition treehouse

“We built this treehouse in memory of our beloved Jack Chen, a devoted husband & father, who tragically died surfing in March, 2013. Jack and I had wanted to build a treehouse for our boys (Nicholas & Andrew) in the large Tipuana Tipu, or “Yellow Jacaranda” tree that was planted in the front yard of our property over 67 years ago when Rossmoor was first being developed. Now, the County of Orange is asking us to have the approval of our neighbors in order to process a permit application for the treehouse to remain (otherwise, we need to demolish it), so we need your support. Please help us save the Treehouse for all to enjoy (neighbors are always welcome)!” Joni Doherty

You have just to click on the link below and firm the petition!
Petition Save the Treehouse
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