Il giardino dei semplici Treehouse

A treehouse closed to the Alps surrounded by roses.

semplici 4

I already introduced you the project Ecobnb in my last post.
Another treehouse that I want to introduce you -that is part of this project- it’s located in the north of Italy: Il Giaridno dei Semplici’s treehouse.
This treehouse situated in Manta (Cuneo, Italy) closed to the Alps, it’s the perfect accommodation for the lovers of the nature. Moreover if you love flowers it’s the ideal place for you, the owners of this B&B have a nursery with more of 15o different types of roses!

This tiny Treehouse on an oak is all made of wood, and it consists of a bedroom, a bathroom and the terrace where in the morning the breakfast will be served.

semplici 5

If you want to reserve your place, go to this link and check the availability: Giardino dei Semplici Ecobnb.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by  Giardino dei Semplici

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