Ruby’s Resort Treehouse

A resort in Cherating, Malaysia where you can chill on a treehouse in front of the beach enjoying a massage! No, it’s not a dream it’s Ruby’s Resort!

Just read the interview below to know more about this dream-place!

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Hello Ruby, could you talk about your treehouse: why did you build a treehouse?
Hello! I build a tree house because when I bought over the resort there was this very beautiful big tree in front of the beach and I told myself that would be great to build a house on the top of this tree.

Which is the function?
It’s just a place for kids and aults to chill out.

How many, if there are, rooms have the treehouse?
There are no rooms, just a hall with few chairs.

What kind of tree is it?
It’s an oak tree.

Who built the treehouse?
Me and my staff have built the treehouse, an it has been designed by me.

Which materials did you use?
We used mainly tembusu wood inside and outside.

rubys resort

Has it been painted?
We used timber furnishing as paint.

What is the highness from the ground? And what did you use to reach it?
I think its about 100 ft off the group and we built wooden stairs.

Which is the size of the treehouse-more or less-?
The size? … I am not sure but I think it’s about 100/200 ft sq.

Is there any electrical or water system inside?
Yes, we connect the treehouse with the electrical system from the resort, inside and outside.

I’d like to add, his tree house is partly sponsored by some of our regular customers who made use of it pre that tty often for their afternoon time out and also when they need a good massage from the local massage-lady over in Cherating.

Thank you Ruby for spending your time answering to my questions, enjoy your treehouse!

rubys resort3

For further information:
Ruby’s Resort

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