Cà Albero

Have you ever thought that between the leaves of a tree could be a lot of apartments? A sort of condominium?!?!

ca'-albero This is the personal point of view drew by the jung artist Chiara Armellini from Vicenza (Italy). “This illustration” she explains ” made for the magazine UNDUETRESTELLA (by Lupo Editore), is a personal vision about the house’s concept. The tree is a particular example, because it gives hospitality to birds, insects, leaves, flowers, fruits, squirrels, cicadas, ants, caterpillars, … A sort of a biologic “apartment” that I wanted to draw metaphorically like the house of whom live inside of it!” Chiara Armellini

And what do you think about it? Which is your personal point of view about it? If you like this illustration and you want it in the walls of your house, you can buy it on buru-buru website!

For further information Chiara Armellini

Pic by Chiara Armellini

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