Rabeang Pasak Chiangmai Treehouse Resort

If you are in the north part of Thailand, you should definitively think to sleep in one of this treehouses!

You can choose between one of the eight treehouses of the Rabeang Pasak Chiangmai Treehouse Resort, moreover if you are afraid of the highness, you can sleep in a cabin.

All the treehouses are made of wood and local materials in respect of the surrounding nature.
The resort is a family-owned one where the owner is a retired architect who decided in 2010 to start the treehouse project as a a family vacation home. But then in 2012 was opened for the public.

For further information:
Rabeang Pasak Chiangmai Treehouse Resort

More pictures in the gallery below.

Pics by Rabeang Pasak Chiangmai Treehouse Resort. All rights reserved.

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