Baumhäuser zum Träumen

All the Treehouses’s lovers know who is La Cabane Perchée. If you don’t keep reading this article, and if you do, keep it reading to find out what is new! 😉

La Cabane Perchée is one of the biggest office in the world that build treehouses. What is extraordinary is that they have already built like 500 treehouses all around the world and always respecting the trees. They’ve never used nails or cut a branch!!

Different books have been written about them, but recently AT-Verlag has published a new one “Baumhäuser zum Träumen” (Dream Treehouses) with all the newest Treehouses of La Cabane Perchée. You can find 40 treehouses and some of them still unpublished.

The book with a format bigger than an A4, is printed on a good quality paper. Inside you will find a text with some information and the tory of the treehouse, technical and artistic drawings and of course emotional photos that will take you away from the reality and will bring you inside of each treehouse!


A must-have book that I suggest you to have in your private library, and even if it’s in German, it’s a cool book for the pictures and the drawings. And remember that architecture is made of drawings and not of words, the text and words are a surplus, and everyone can “read” a drawing! 😉

To buy your copy, please visit AT-Verlag’s website.

Moreover to all the Swiss readers, you can also buy it on AT-Verlag’s website or you can find it in all the bookshops like Orell Füssli or whatever!

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