Let’s camping on the trees

We are in the middle of the summer and if you are still wondering how you can camping, below some suggestions.

You can decide to visit a city or a place and decide to sleep on a treehouse.
Airbnb has a special section just for the treehouses. Read more about it on a post I made it:
Treehouse and Airbnb

airbnb treehouse

Or if like the adventure and the wild life but you can’t want to leave the opportunity to sleep on a tree, you can decide to buy a special tent that can be hanged on the trees.
You can find different models of different size and shape.
The first one and personally my favourite:

The Amok Equipment  A tent that you can easily transport wherever you go in a backpack.

amok equipment 9

Other options are:
The TreeTentsile or the Tent-Ammok Treehouse A tent for more people.
Treetents A sort of drop inside of which you can find a shelter.
Mini Sphere a sort of ball hanged on the tree.

The Cocoon Tree. A spherical structure  in aluminum covered with a resistant waterproof textile designed to be hanged up on the trees. You can also design your own model deciding some options.

cocoon tree

Pics by The Amok Equipment and Cocoon Tree


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