Indigo Sauna Treehouse

Do you remember the Treeful EcoResort in Okinawa, Japan? A new part has been built with an amazing function!

“A real treehouse with all of its weight supported by the trees that grow on the cliffs of Genka river, in Nago, Okinawa, at Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort. Each piece of wood supporting the structure of the treehouse is painted with indigo dye, which is part of Okinawan culture. There is a sauna room, relaxation room, and a spa room.
In the sauna room, you can enjoy the “löyly” bathing method. You can pour water and Okinawan aroma oil onto the heated sauna stones to generate steam. It is a healing space where you can feel the sense of unity with nature.

This treehouse is designed with a “slit structure” in which thin rods are arranged with gaps between them, which has sustainable mechanisms; sunlight passes through the gap between the slits and reaches the plants growing below without being blocked by the treehouse, and it allows people to live in the room with sunlight without indoor lights during daytime”.  Treeful Treehouse

And if the sauna turns out to be too hot, you can let yourself slide into the river thanks to a slide! Relax and fun is guaranteed!!!
The sauna is open only to guests staying overnight in the EcoResort!

To reserve your spot, check the Treeful Treehouse‘s website.

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Treeful Treehouse. All rights reserved.

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