Caravan Park Sexten, the Treehouse Trend

A few years ago I had written about a wonderful place with treehouses in Sexten at the foot of the Dolomites. Do you remember? If you missed it, keep on reading!

In this wonderful landscape you can enjoy the luxury of nature 3.5 meters above the ground. Each treehouse of the Caravan Park Sexten (South Tyrol, Italy) lacks none of the comforts you would find in any hotel.

Years ago I introduced you to the type “The Treehouse Trend,” but today I want to tell you about the “Treehouse Vintage,” which in my opinion is perhaps less chic, but much warmer and more comfortable.

This treehouse is built according to the principles of bio architecture, you can observe the landscape comfortably lying inside the whirlpool or relax in the sauna. There is no shortage of comforts such as a TV, although I wonder who wants to stand in front of a screen when the best TV is the window framing the beauty of the Dolomites, mountains that are unique in the world and that all foreigners envy us!

Tnx to my friend Katta for the exterior pics.

Interior pics by Caravan Park Sexten. All rights are reserved.

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