Hanging Shelter

A new project signed by Danish architects is now hanging on the trees!

The Hanging Shelter, that actually remind me the Apple Treehouse, has been designed by Stedse Architects in collaboration with other experts.

“The wooden construction made by Aarøsund Boatbuilding is based on traditional shipbuilding techniques in a new form. The load-bearing structure is made up of 8 form-fitting “frames” in oak, with steam-bent rectangular oak moldings as floor and round oak moldings as railings. Hanging shelter has challenged the boat builders and pushed the wood to the extreme – the inner “ring” in the floor is just 900mm in diameter. Hanging Shelter has come into the world through hand sketches, physical models, digital parametric modeling tools, as well as a close interdisciplinary collaboration between architects, engineers and boat builders all from the local area. The light must display and focus on the wood’s properties as a sustainable and climate-friendly material, with both high strength and formability. Here, traditional boat building techniques have been reinterpreted into new interesting shapes and constructions”. Stedse Architects

More pics in the gallery below.

Pics by Stedse Architects. All rights reserved.

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